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  • Who is behind Haithwaite Farm?
    Netherby Hall Ltd. Regeneration is behind everything we do, from restoring the historic Netherby Hall, to diversifying the traditional farmstead at Haithwaite.
  • Why propose a site of this nature?
    The ambition is to create a destination for visitors and provide services to the local community.
  • Has the original proposal changed at all?
    No. We are using as much of the original footprint of the farm as possible.
  • How will the local area benefit?
    We will be creating a number of facilities which are not in the local area already including a café, farm shop, taphouse, exhibition space, heritage centre and wellness centre.
  • Will the site provide jobs for local people?
    Due to the range of facilities available, we will be looking for skilled workers in many different areas.
  • How much will this affect traffic in the local area?
    There may be an increase in vehicles on the road, however, we have planned a large enough car park and are working with local providers to negotiate buses so we can reduce the number of cars visiting the site.
  • How will the site minimize the impact of increased visitors on the local environment?
    The site will provide sufficient parking for its visitors, and the entrance and exit routes have been planned to create flowing traffic. We have plans for E.V. chargers to encourage electric vehicles and will be working with local providers to create a shuttle bus service.
  • How will views from local properties be protected?
    We are using the same footprint as the farm site has now.
  • How are you addressing concerns about potential light pollution from the site?
    We will be using low-level down lighting which will run on timers to ensure they are not on at all times.
  • Will the visitor population of the site be larger than the local population?
    There is a possibility of this, however we are not anticipating this overnight. A site of this size requires a lot of staffing, as well as visitors. However, we are hoping that many will come from the local area.
  • Are there plans to replant any of the trees or hedgerows that have been removed?
    Yes. They will not be planted in the same place; however, it is in our plans to plant many trees around the site and on our land nearby. Trees are only being removed to comply with the regulations on visibility for the access routes or because they have been identified as being a danger to the public.
  • What sustainability and low carbon measures are being considered?
    We are installing E.V .chargers, solar paneling and ground source heating. We will also be using as much of the materials that are already on site that we can during the rebuild.
  • Are there projected numbers of the public visitors expected?
    We cannot be certain of the number of public visitors that will be on-site at any one time. We would project between 100-300 per day once the site is fully up and running.
  • Will the facilities on site be available for use by local residents and other visitors?
    Yes. Our aim is to enhance the facilities on offer in the area for all.
  • What key local road improvements are being considered?
    We’ve put our own drive in to help the traffic flow and avoid back up onto the main roads.
  • How are you addressing concerns about the impact of construction traffic?
    Any machinery that is needed will be transferred to the site at the beginning of the phase and remain on site until that stage of work has been completed. Thus, avoiding machine traffic coming to and from the site regularly.
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